Oliphant Enterprises
Owned and Operated by Our Oliphant Family

Handcrafted items to bring joy to your life

For years the primary focus was on paper crafts - quilling, origami, teabag folding, and so forth.
Then I began with beeswax products, as my husband keeps bees.
Later, on a whim it spread into sock monkeys. First is was just sock monkeys for the kids for their birthdays. Then a few holidays. Then people started asking me to make one for them. Eventually it became a side to the business that has done fairly well.

To see and learn about any of these products, click the photo below.
Sock monkeys & critters
Quilled Art
Quilled Jewelry
Paper Quilts
Beeswax candles and sculptures
Origami and paper sculpture

Oliphant Enterprises also does business as
Liquid Gold Honey and Missionary Tie Club.
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We are involved with scouting, so you can reach the PowWow information from here.