Emergency Preparedness

Required for Eagle

Requirements (external link) REVISED effective January 1, 2016.

Counselor: Tim Thieding

Contact Information:
509A Wagner Dr.
Clinton, WI

If a scout comes prepared, this merit badge can be completed during the Pow Wow. NOTE: The first requirement for this badge is for the scout to earn the First Aid merit badge.

Preparing for the Pow Wow

These items should be done before the first day of the Pow Wow.

  • Previously completed the First Aid Merit Badge
  • Read through the requirements for this merit badge, see the above link.
  • Obtain and read through the merit badge pamplet for this badge.

Bring to the first session

Please bring these items with you on the first day of the Pow Wow..

  • "Blue Card" with the following information completed:
    (Don't forget to complete both sides and all three segments of the card)
    • Merit badge name,
    • Your name, address, and troop number
    • Signature of your unit leader.
  • Merit Badge Pamplet for this badge.
  • Paper and pencil/pen.