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My husband is a beekeeper.

He's been keeping bees for about 18 years. We've been extracting honey and enjoying it all those years. But I never knew what to do with the beeswax. It would get set aside for another time. Well I've eventually gotten around to doing something with the beeswax. It smells so heavenly that it is a joy to work with!

Beeswax naturally smells nice without any artificial (or overpowering) scents added. It will naturally burn cleanly with no drips and no smoke. No more marks on the ceiling above where you burn candles! Beeswax is a wonderful natural product.

If you would like a style of candle that you don't see here, please contact me and put in your request. I'm happy to expand the product line.

Ready for Sale Candles
Diamond Pattern Pillar, $5

Beehive Shape, $2

Small Hive, $2

Flat Votives, $1 each

Ringed top votives, $1 each

Small pillars, $2
Ready for Sale Other Wax Products
Nativity, gold dusted $15

Nativity, bronze dusted $15

Nativity, natural $15

Wax Bar, 1 oz $1 each

Wax Hex, 2 oz $2 each5

Lip Balm, $1
Custom Candles & Wax Products Two Methods to order custom Candles and wax products.

One - Give me an idea what you would like such as style, size, dusting, etc. I will do my best to meet your request. Two - Candles or products that are customized with ribbons, fillings, colorized, or other things added. You specify, and I'll give you an estimate of the cost and time frame before anything is done.

Custom, basic, $10

Custom, basic $15

Custom with extras $20+